Late Summer Tea Party in the Garden

The girls and I decided to throw an end of summer tea party in the garden. We invited a bunch of friends from the neighborhood and everyone pitched in. The result: a relaxing afternoon with good company and good food.


It’s not every day that you go to a garden party, so when you have the chance- put the baby in a tie!
My wife and our son. They light up my world.

Those eyes.
Melrose and Ames prefunking the party.


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

Audrey Hepburn 

Pictures do not do this table justice. Side note: my wife is a macaron enthusiast and graces us with a batch from time to time. She whipped these up in matter of hours: orange shell with Nutella filling.

Vanessa made the cutest, yummiest cucumber finger sandwiches.
Liz, Sheela, and I got together and baked these lemon lavender scones. So lovely.
Our hostess, Liz. My dear friend.
Mama Holly and her sweet babes. Little Eden is just two months old.
What a happy group of people!

The sweet sister duo: Bridget and Maggie.

Sheela ROSE and MelROSE found the perfect tea cup. 

Pink sugar. Couldn’t help myself. 

Nothing. And I mean NOTHING gets in the way of nap time. 

I snapped this sweet moment of Nora and Maggie. Love.

This place defines “urban garden.” See the city scape in the background?

Someone’s finally awake.

Beginning a long photo stream of Melrose thinning out some strawberries…

Auntie Liz and her babies!





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