About Liv


My little brother Luke and I were both born on the island of Oahu. We planted some strong roots there, but were ultimately moved to the small town of Ferndale, WA. If I could write a letter to this town, it would be both a “thank you” and a “love” letter: for all the lessons and pieces of me that were forged there. In 2008, I graduated from Ferndale High School, packed up my parent’s mini van, and moved to the unfamiliar town of Tacoma, WA. I started that fall at Pacific Lutheran University (my father’s alma mater) and graduated right on time in 2012 with a BFA in Theatre and a minor in Studio Art. Backtracking slightly, it was upon moving to Tacoma that I got my first job as a barista at a small local chain of shops. To this day, I still work in the coffee business.  It was at one of my coffee shops that I met Dayna. We fell in love and got married (in Ferndale, of course!). She and I bought a house together in a quiet neighborhood outside the big city, where we reside with our fur-babies Marley and Oakley. This spring we welcomed our son Lucas James into the world. What a joy.

Besides being a slave to the coffee bean, I am also a Christmas connoisseur, dancer, potter, musician, Pacific Northwest enthusiast, home cook, gardener… and did I mention that I love Christmas so much that it hurts? I suppose I started this site so that I would have a place to put it all. So thank you for reading as I embark on the wild adventure that is my first blog.