Saying Goodbye To Malina + Sabrina

Permenant Change of Station (PCS) is part of Army life. So as a group of Army wives, we knew that these friendships might start here, but that we would most likely part ways. That’s just part of the game. Today we had a potluck on the lake at Ft. Steilacoom Park to say “goodbye” to Malina and her baby Sabrina. They are PCSing at the end of the month. We were all part of the same pregnancy group at Madigan and have watched each other grow since our first trimesters. It has been so lovely to continue these friendships postpartum and to watch each others babies grow. We will miss you, Mama!


By the end of the day, half the babies (all the boys funny enough) had gone down for a nap, we had eaten plenty of cookies, and were chased by bees. It was a mild 70 degrees at the lake with a perfect breeze. 

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