Pumpkin Patch + Best Friend= Good Medicine


Who doesn’t love a good pumpkin patch trip? Waking up early, caffeinating, bundling up, then it’s on the road to our favorite patch. It seems like there are more and more family farms with pumpkin patches popping up every year. We like one out in Puyallup called Spooner Farm. It’s about half an hour from our place, but we think it is well worth the trip to find this season’s perfect specimen. This year’s trip out was made even sweeter with the addition of my dear friend, Megan, who drove up from Salem for my birthday weekend.



Bounding out of the car, we bypass the pumpkin catapult booths as well as the decorative hay bales and corn stalks for sale to grab a wheelbarrow


The farm is fully prepared for the crowds with funnel cakes, hot dogs, kettle corn, soft pretzels, donuts, hot chocolate and cider, as well as a coffee cart. The smells perfume the air with a carnival- like aroma. It is officially hard to focus on what we came here to do. I had my eye on the kettle corn from the start. DO NOT underestimate my love for kettle corn!



Today is one of those “stings the toes and bites the nose” kind of cold autumn mornings. Everyone is still adjusting to the change in weather. But we came to find our pumpkin and darn it, that’s what we are going to do!



After a little walking, we happen upon “the one.” He is a brilliant shade of orange, with strong features, and a sturdy handle to boot (apparently this is very important to me).


Here’s the part where I make everyone pose with their pumpkins. First up, my wonderful wife, Dayna. Isn’t she strong? This sucker is heavier than he looks.


Then it’s us with our new pumpkin friend. I insisted on wearing my denim jumpsuit ensemble today. Oh Lord!


Can’t forget Megan and her catch! Isn’t she pretty?


The farm also has a whole section of assorted squash and pumpkins, both edible and decorative. I always find some pretty ones for centerpieces. A simple nature-based table setting can’t be beat in my opinion.


Then we head over to the scale to weigh our loot and check out. Boy do we know how to fill a wheelbarrow.


Now our efforts can be rewarded. Just in time too because suddenly, this was happening:


Excuse me. Fresh. Mini. DONUTS!


Genius. Pure Genius.


The smell alone went straight to my hips, but I didn’t care. I bought a dozen fresh out of the fryer, cinnamon-sugar dredged, warm mini clouds of donut-y goodness.




Oh, and don’t think for a second that meant that I wasn’t also getting my kettle corn.


Well, we came, we conquered, and now we need to go for a jog- but I am so glad that we made it out to the pumpkin patch. Not only do we look forward to the festive orange additions to our porch this time of year, but it is such a warm and cozy feeling to get excited for the change of season with friends and family. Happy fall everyone!




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