Insemination Day!

Today, we went to Seattle Reproductive Medicine for my very first IUI. Naturally, I woke up unnecessarily early and tried to call before any staff was in. Dayna had the morning off to be with me, so we hopped in the car and headed to Whole Foods for coffee and a distraction. From there I called the clinic again and got through. I told the nice lady that I was ovulating soon and she scheduled me right away. Not two hours later, we had checked in and our sperm was thawing (fun fact: apparently they don’t thaw sperm until you have physically checked in. At $700 a pop, you don’t want to have any mistakes or waste. All in all, it takes about 45 minutes to thaw). They told me to drink plenty of water because a full bladder would be helpful in the procedure. I drank way too much and ended up having to pee right before they called me in. That didn’t subside any of my fears.


Once they were ready for us, I sat down in the stir ups and met the woman who would be inseminating me. She showed me the vial of sperm and asked me to “identify” it. This was a little worrisome, but she explained that I just had to make sure the code on the vial matched my paperwork. Of course then all I could think about was the possibility of a mix up in the lab and my donor sperm getting swapped. Anyway, I was able to put the paranoia from my mind and relax.


I had felt what it was like to have a catheter inserted into my uterus during one of my x-rays (one of my preliminary tests called an HSG), and recalled it being extremely uncomfortable. I cramped immediately and told Dayna when I got home “I think I got a preview of what my first contraction will be like.” But today, I barely felt the catheter go in and just as I thought we were going to begin, my nurse said, “Ok, you’re all done!” The whole thing took under a minute. As she exited the room she said, “Good luck to you! I hope you guys are a one hit wonder!”



I left feeling giddy- and while I know that there is no science to back this up- I rode with my legs up the whole way home.

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