Happy Birthday Poppi!

I spent the day in Ferndale with Dad, Mom, and Luke to celebrate Dad’s birthday. I started with a visit to Luke’s work, Van Heusen, to do a hint of shopping. Isn’t he so handsome?!


Dad wanted to try this new restaurant in Fairhaven called övn. They do wood fired pizza, salads, and small plates. We ordered the Flatbread to start. Then devoured.






The birthday boy! What a goof.

Luke and Daddy!

I also ordered the spinach salad with tart apples, chevre, candied pecans, and a raspberry vinaigrette. It was fantastic.



My handsome bro!


The restaurant was playing a cute black and white film, projected on the wall behind the bar.



We ordered family style so we could all share. This is the Matterhorn: Yukon Golds, béchamel, rosemary, caramelized onions, 10 month Comte gruyere, and sausage.



They have the most amazing gluten-free crust. This pizza had spicy pickled pineapple as a topping.


Ensue family photo session.


Next time, Magdalena’s Creperie!

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