Fourth Of July 2016

What a successful 4th of July! We hosted a small get together at our place. Nice and mellow. We grilled hot dogs, ate apple pie, and drank home-made beer. Pretty dang American.


My little garden bunch: sweet peas, zinnias, sage, chamomile.

So festive. I couldn’t resist.

Mom used the Pioneer Woman’s baked bean recipe. A-MAZING.




I sure do love the way she looks at me. Really I just love everything about her.
These kids always on that Snapchat.

Pretty sure I was told that if I ever posted these really cute pictures of my cousin eating that I would die a slow and painful death. Oops.

The apple pie to end all other apple pies.

These were too easy to make. And addictive. Recipe for Key Lime Mousse Bites here.

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