About Liv


My little brother Luke and I were both born on the island of Oahu. We planted some strong roots there, but were ultimately moved to the small town of Ferndale, WA. If I could write a letter to this town, it would be both a “thank you” and a “love” letter: for all the lessons and pieces of me that were forged there. In 2008, I graduated from Ferndale High School, packed up my parent’s mini van, and moved to the unfamiliar town of Tacoma, WA. I started that fall at Pacific Lutheran University (my father’s alma mater) and graduated right on time in 2012 with a BFA in Theatre and a minor in Studio Art. Backtracking slightly, it was upon moving to Tacoma that I got my first job as a barista at a small local chain of shops. To this day, I still work in the coffee business, now for Valhalla Coffee Company (a small, local roaster, who doesn’t follow trends and will make you feel things about espresso you have never felt before). It was at one of my coffee shops that I met Dayna. We fell in love and got married (in Ferndale, of course!). She and I bought a house together in a quiet neighborhood outside the big city, where we reside with our fur-babies Marley and Oakley. This spring we welcomed our son Lucas James into the world. What a joy.

Besides being a slave to the coffee bean, I am also a Christmas connoisseur, dancer, potter, musician, Pacific Northwest enthusiast, home cook, gardener… and did I mention that I love Christmas so much that it hurts? I suppose I started this site so that I would have a place to put it all. So thank you for reading as I embark on the wild adventure that is my first blog.