Baby Taylor’s Magical Shower

Yesterday, we were showered with love by our sweet friends and family. It was beautiful. We feel completely spoiled. The baby’s room is Harry Potter themed (surprise surprise) and so it was a natural choice for the shower as well. Normally, I man the camera the whole time, but I was very controlled and only took pictures of set up and then enjoyed the rest of the day. The day was full of food, drinks, games, and gifts. Our friends were so generous and we feel so loved. Special shout out to Liz and Tawny for all their hard work putting it all together.


The sweetest Baby Boy cookies ever!

Chai spice cupcakes. Complete with glasses and lightening scar.

This centerpiece was absolutely stunning.

Platform 9 3/4 cookies. So perfect. In the background, more adorable Hogwarts house cupcakes.

And of course, some golden snitches to take home. 


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